The biggest congratulations goes to our winners… Evevent!


The new event aggregator gained the most juries sympathies and won in the 1st Startup Weekend Riga this weekend.

Evevent is going to collect all the unique events happening in Riga on one site. However, the uniqueness of this project is, rather than being your average aggregator, will be built to save its users’ time and money. During the 54 hour work, the whole team showed huge devotion and enthusiasm towards their idea that also resulted in impressive engagement from people outside.
After the event the team commented:

“Startup Weekend was such an amazing experience. Never could we have imagined that it could be so easy to work together with 7 different people. However, now we are even more determined to get up and running. There is still a long way ahead, but with all the help we have we are confident and truly excited about making the first prototype.”

Along with the winning project, prizes also were claimed by Speedtype, a mobile application providing solutions to type more effectively, Best Friends Game, a Facebook quiz challenge game and Agelessly, a lifestyle portal for baby boom generation.
As of Friday, 11 teams were formed that worked on their projects to present their final product and business model in front of local entrepreneurial leaders. Along the 54-hour frenzy the teams were able to get the necessary insights and tips from speakers and couches representing IT, startup, marketing and business modelling professionals.

We feel very proud of all the teams that took part in the first Startup Weekend Riga. This was truly awesome weekend. We enjoyed it and hope that you did as well.